A Cross Across History | Easter Opener + Countdown

A Cross Across History | Easter Opener + Countdown
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Use this high energy opener for your Easter service! Show on your campus or online to engage your audience and pin point their focus to sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his influence he has had throughout history and how he is moving now.

Package includes

- Service opener
- 5 min countdown
- Isolated audio (voice over, music,sfx)
- Script

Video Content:

    SIZES: 720p, 1080p, 4k UHD (non-letterboxed)
    FRAME RATE: 23 fps
    FONT USED: Iowan Old Style, Bebas
    Opener music: Esports & Me - by Cossy (E minor)
    Countdown Music: Floodlight - by Traveler (Db major)

    Written, directed, animated, & produced by: Jason Strull

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