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Butter is the video production agency that creates unique animated explainer videos for your products or services.

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Clarity is to customers what butter is to baking. It adds flavor and helps bind your customer to what you’re selling.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Videos are the very best way to add clarity to your marketing message.

Clients who trust us

“Butter has produced amazing product videos and animated commercials for us, that frankly could win awards. We are always thoroughly impressed with the quality and creativity in every project, and the quick turnaround time. We’ve always been happy with the cost and quality of work.”

Justin Dean

Director of Marketing,

“Butter has an uncanny ability to take ideas and express them in a clear and captivating way through video that engages viewers.”


Director of Marketing, Phone Burner

“Butter understood the assignment. I gave them a brief vision of my idea for a video; they ran with it and made the video even better than I had in mind! And they delivered ahead of the due date! I would highly recommend working with them for quality, reliable, and innovative work.”

Kylie Dulo

Vice President of Operations, Idea Network

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Scale with unique video

Generic animation places you with everyone else. Stand out with crafted animated explainer videos!

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What video is right for me?

Brand Video

Increase brand loyalty and awareness by building an emotional connection with your customers.

Explainer video

Capture your brand’s value proposition, and explain complex ideas in a way that’s pitch-perfect.

Product video

Bring your products to life and show how their features can create value for your customers.

Crowd funded

Show what makes you unique and increase your success rate of getting funded.

Event Recap

Recreate your big day! Sum up your company’s latest conference in a digestible and informative recap.

Cinematic story

Tell a story about who your company is or share a customers journey using your product in a documentary style video.

Social Media

Create video content for your social platforms that’s short, easy to share and encourages conversation.


Educate customers and employees to ensure retention through engaging video training.

Need a video?

High-quality custom video to easily grow your sales & leads